Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

The Cub's Week

Even though I had a short work week this week, I feel like I've worked non-stop. After dealing with the family over last weekend, I need a day for just me and Dad.

Here's whats been going on:

All in all it wasnt a bad trip home. Friday night I arrived at Pittsburgh International at 11:30pm. The flight wasnt too bad. Except for the screaming child sitting next to me for the first 1/2 of the flight. thankfully, his Dad decided to have him sit with his mother who was about 10 rows back from us. In its place, was his daughter who was about 5. She stretched out putting her head on her Dad's lap and her feet on my lap. The father apologized and my response was "Thanks ok, this doesnt bother me as much as the screaming. Let her sleep"
When I got to the airport, I had to piss like a racehorse. Considering I drank over a liter of water on the flight there and I didnt want to wake the girl up. A sleeping child is much better than an awake child, especially when you are flying. I headed to the restroom, walked up to a urinal and started to piss. So I'm standing there taking a piss when the guy next to me notices my PA. and starts asking questions. Now normally I am a quiet and reserved guy, but I figured if he had the balls to ask the questions, I'd answer. I got the standard questions: "Did it hurt?" "well, dont you worry about pissing all over yourself?" "do you have sex with it in?" "what does your wife think of it?" Of course, on the last question, I told him that I was gay and that my partner was there when I got it done. His response was, "Oh, ok. whatever floats your boat." And with that, he hurriedly leaves the rest room. Guess he thought I was going to make a move on him. Let me just say that he was not really my type and had nothing to worry about. When I walk out, he has his arm around his girlfriend/wife and starts walking towards the concourse to catch the tram to luggage claim. She turns around looks at me, says: "Do you really have a PA". I said "Yes, I do". She replies "Cool, I want him to get one" She and I ended up chatting as I headed to Avis to get my car, telling her all about my PA. The boyfriend/husband finally realizes that I'm not going to make a move on him and lightens up a bit.
Since its a 2 hour drive to my parents, I decided to stay in a hotel for the night and head out in the morning. When I checked in, I asked if there was a smoking room available and she said Yes. When I got to my room, it turned out to be a small corner room with a king bed and no ashtrays. I called the front desk and asked if this was a smoking room and if so, can I get an ashtray. She said, "No, that is a non-smoking floor" and then proceeds to tell me, "I'm sorry Sir, I am the one who checked you in, I thought you said 'small king' room." She asked if I'd like to move and figured that since it was after midnight, I'd forego my cigar and catch some sleep.
Saturday morning I woke up and decided to stop at the mall to grab the nieces and nephew some toys to annoy their parents with after I head back to Dallas. Walking thru the mall, I walked past the shop (Regis) where my ex Scott works and noticed that he was working. I went to the toy store, bought some loud toys for the kids and walked past Regis again. I decided to swallow my pride and stop in and at least say Hi to him. I figured that since we exchanged emails earlier in the week (after 5 1/2 years of no contact with one another), I'd see if he was up to chatting. Surprisingly he was up for it, and was on a 10-min break. We went outside, had a nice short conversation. I was able to finally tell him all the things that have been built up inside of the past few years, especially the anger and hatred I felt towards him after our last meeting. He said he understood and apologized, saying that he was really expecting me to hate Dallas and was jealous that I seemed happy. We then started to get caught up on everything else that has been going on in our lives. I told him about Dad and the house. I heard about his house and his job. He asked me when I turned into such a kinky pig. I laughed and said that this was something that I always had an interest in exploring, but that he was never willing to allow me to explore it, nor did he want to explore it with me. I said that this one of the main reasons why I ended the relationship. He said that he understands, because he still has no interest in leather, watersports, bdsm, etc.
After a good 20-30 minutes of conversation, his manager came out and said that his next client had finally arrived. We shook hands and said our goodbyes and I headed home to Rockwood to see the parents. Fired up a cigar on the way home and just enjoyed the scenery.
Ended up spending the day at my older sister's place since my parents were off at a picnic somewhere. They finally got home around 9pm. Stayed up til midnight catching up with them.
Sunday was the family picnic that I mentioned in my last post.
Monday I was on a plane back to Dallas.

So what have I been doing since I got home from Pittsburgh.
Monday night, I asked Dad for a short strapping session. Its been a while since Ive had one. With the back problems, I havent been up to playing much. And I know Dad likes to play. So we had the session right before heading to bed. We crawled into bed, Dad wrapped his arms around me telling me that he missed me. Told him that I missed him too. Dad moved closer and I felt something poke against me. I jokingly said, "Whats this?. He said that it would be a shame to not take advantage of a freshly strapped butt. and take advantage he did *grin*
Tuesday, it was back to work. Found out that the person that I trained to do some reports while I was off on Monday couldnt remember how to do them, so I had a few days worth of work to do. Tuesday night was Training night for Sparky. When we finally got home, I cooked dinner, did some laundry and just relaxed. headed to bed and had a repeat of the night before, minus the strapping. Lets just say the cub fell asleep with a huge smile on his face and a little something from his Dad inside him.
Wednesday was the same deal at work, still playing catchup. I ended up working later than normal and finally got home around 5pm. I watched a little TV with Dad. After a while, I walked over to the wall, grabbed a strap, handed it to Dad and said "50 each side Dad, please" His response was "Are you asking or telling". I apologized and said that I was asking. We went to the bedroom and the cub got his wish and then got a few extra licks for good measure and to remind me that I needed to ask first and not make it seem like a demand. I grabbed a shower and we headed to cigar night at the Eagle. Since it was raining, not alot of people were out. Dad and I took some time and started to discuss things that are going on with us. I asked him about his play date he had on Saturday night, a top who wanted to experience things from the bottom side. He had seen Dad at a recent DC play party and said that he felt that it would be a good way to make himself into a better player. Dad told me about the session and then said that Charlie would like to use me as target practice so he can improve his skills. I told Dad that I didnt see a problem with it. We then got into a discussion about how Dad feels guilty when he has sessions with other guys because he doesnt know how I'll react. We do have a set of rules when we have scenes with other people. It has taken me a while to get used to the idea that just because Dad plays with someone, its doesnt mean that he loves me any less or that he is going to leave me for that person. Dad just loves to spank, flog, whip, etc. If he were to only do those with me, he'd eventually wear me out. There was a time in the past when Dad and I first got together, that I was extremely jealous. I wont go into that here, but I'll just say that I got an IM one morning from someone and it set me questioning things in the relationship.
Dad asked if I missed being a top when fucking. Prior to us meeting, I was versatile. I had stages when I just wanted to bottom and times when I just wanted to top. I told him that honestly, I never thought about it. and that got me thinking..well, maybe I do miss it a little, but not enough that I'd actively pursue anyone just so I can fuck them. He knows that I'd like to be more versatile when it comes to the bdsm stuff. and with the new place space opening and us having a key, we can set something up there so that I can practice. I told him that I'd rather practice on something stationary before I try it on a live person.
We got home around 10:30, and headed to bed. and for the 3rd night in a row, the cub got his fill of Daddy *grin*. this cub definitely like that.

Thursday I woke up, still a little hungover from drinking. Getting up at 5am is not fun, especially when you are out drinking the night before.. Damn, I'm getting old. got home from work around 6pm. Dad had dinner started, we ate and watched some movies that Dad had picked up at Hollywood Video.
First one was "The Butterfly Effect". Honestly, I liked it. I didnt think I would since Ashton Kutcher was the main actor in it. All in all, not bad
Second one was "Hellboy" - I'll just say that it was ok. nothing really spectacular in it, except for Karl Roden.

and now its Friday. probably head to the Eagle tonight for a few drinks, a few cigars and just relax. might even convince Dad to give the cub a good strapping before we head out.
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