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The Weekend so far

Friday night Dad and I headed to our favorite Thai place for dinner then headed to the Eagle for a few drinks. It was an interesting time to say the least. Must have been the full moon or something. We got there around 8:45pm, just in time to grab a drink for happy hour and get a marker for a drink later. We are sitting there playing the video games when I feel a hand slide down the side of my coveralls. I thought maybe it was Doug or Ron, two friends of ours who have a habit of always trying to stick their hands down my pants. I turned around and about jumped out of my boots. It turns out that it wasnt them, but an older gentleman who obviously had way too much to drink for happy hour. I politely told him "no thanks" and turned back to watching Dad play his game. A few minutes later, the guy returns with another guy, and says, "We have a $20 bet. I say that you two arent from Dallas. He says you are". Dad told them that we were from Dallas and the drunk paid the other guy. We exchanged pleasantries and then the Drunk asks if we play around. Dad politely said that we dont and they walked away. A few minutes later, we saw the drunk guy leave. the other guy comes over and chats a bit. Wouldnt you know that his last question to us was "so do you guys play or not?" Again we told him "No" and he walked away. Of course, that started Dad and I talking about a few things. While we do play as far as leather scenes, we dont fuck around so to speak.
Well, after a lengthy conversation that might be changing. We are talking about opening up the relationship but we are working on establishing guidelines first. We just need to sit down when both of us have not been drinking and talk more about this.
Saturday we took Sparky to the Dog Park at White Rock Lake. He had a blast playing with the other dogs. We need to do that more frequently. This was the first time he has been around a large group of dogs and not on his leash. He did have a good time jumping in and out of the water too.
We were going to head out to the movies, but we decided late and by the time we go to the theater, the parking lots were full. We ended up stopping at the store, picked up a few snacks and sat in front of the TV playing PS2 til around 11pm.
Today, I am working. Running a few reports so that I dont have to spend hours tomorrow running them. Getting ready to head home shortly, and then head to the Door for a few drinks.
only 5 more to go :-)
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