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Hump Day [Aug. 4th, 2004|03:45 pm]
grrrrr... 3:45 and I am still at work. Stuck here because I have to be part of a conference call at 4pm. Its supposed to be over at 5pm, but you never know. I already know most of what we are going to be told on the conference call. Let just say that by the end of 2005, I may be out of a job, due to overstaffing issues. At least that gives me almost 17 months to start looking for a new job.

Called Dad and told him I'd be late and that I'd just meet him at Thai-rrific for dinner. After that, we'll probably head to the Eagle for Cigar Night. Not sure how much I'll drink tonight, I sort of overdid it Sunday at the Door. I had forgotten how strong they tend to make the mixed drinks at times.

Other than that not much else going on here.