Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

What I did on my Summer weekend

Friday night after work, I headed home and waited for Dad to get home from his week-long training class. Since he was scheduled to be out of class at 5pm, I started dinner around that time so that when he got home we could eat. I was still grilling the pork chops when he walked in the door.
Neither one of us was in a mood to go out, so we sat and watched some television. Caught some of the opening ceremonies to the Olympics, but Katie and Bob talked so much, I lost interest quickly and kept falling in and out of sleep.
Saturday I ended up working for a few hours. Came home and saw the bikers outside my neighbors. By the time I got inside, changed into a pair of shorts, checked email, they were gone. Another neighbor said that the group was going on a bike ride for the day and that they were just meeting there.
We decided to check out the dog park in Plano since we heard that it was "cleaner" than the one at White Rock. It was cleaner, as it seemed people cleaned up after their dogs more there, but not alot of shaded areas, and with 90+ degree weather and sunny.. you want some shade. We hung out about an hour and headed home.
Got home and watched some of the Olympics, then decided to get into the pool for a while. Chilled there for a while.
Before we headed out to the Eagle for a few drinks, Dad told me to grab three instruments to get 10 hits each with. I decided variety would be good, so I grabbed a wooden paddle, a leather paddle, and a double razor strop. It was a good session. Even after I got dressed, Dad came up behind me and pulled me close and said "damn Boy, I can feel the heat from your butt coming thru my jeans". yes, it was a good hard session for the cub.
After stopping for a bite to eat at Baja Fresh, we headed to the Eagle. Got our usual rum/cokes. for some reason, the bartenders at the Eagle are now measuring their pours. A buddy of ours now works at the Eagle, Saturday night he was on DP (dick patrol) duty. Ever since the incident over TBRU, the Eagle has been cracking down on lewd behavior. Funny thing is, my buddy used to be one of the ones up on the balcony, now he has to be on the look out for anything and put a stop to it, which is torture for a pig like him.
We chatted with a few friends and fellow DC members, went out to the patio area to finish our cigars. Finally at 12:30, we headed home. 12:30?, you say.. kinda early. Not really considering we got there around 8pm.
Sunday, Dad had to work a few hours in the morning. while he was at work, I did a load of laundry, and worked outside on the flowerbeds around the pool. Our neighbors have vines growing all over the place, and now they are getting into our yard. so I spent the time pulling out the vines before they strangled the flowers we planted. Weed killer is a good thing too. I'm still trying to figure out how we have some plants growing that I know we didnt plant this spring. They just started growing and I know for a fact that petunias are not a perennial plant.
Once Dad got home, we headed to Fuddruckers for a burger, then went to the Door. 50 cent drafts sounded good to me.

Dad and I are trying to figure out what to do over Labor Day. We were going to do Inferno A & B, but since my work wasnt going to let me off due to a system upgrade, we had to cancel. I found out Wednesday that the upgrade is now scheduled for November. I am taking time off for CHC Associates Weekend!! But now I have 7 days of vacation to use before November 1. Dad is planning on using his time to travel to MN to see his mother and her partner for a week. I could go with him, but he needs mother/son bonding time and there is a chance he might drive to Mason City, Iowa to see his father, someone he hasnt seen since he was a small child. He and his Dad in the last year have connected via email and they have talked about meeting, but his father hasnt responded back to Dad's email that he sent in July. Meeting his father after 30 years is going to be hard enough without having to explain to his father who I am. Dad told him that he was gay and that he had a partner. It was shortly after that that the emails from his father became less frequent, sometimes going months without replying. This is something he needs to do alone, and I'll just be a phone call away.
Other than that, Dad and I have talked about going back on a diet again. I was doing good at the end of last year, almost down to my target weight, but since we bought the house, the diet and the gym have gone out the window. I set a reward for myself if I do get down below my target weight and keep it there for 3 months - a leather policeman's uniform. So back to the gym I go.
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