Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Dad's Trip to Minnesota

Dad and I talked last night about doing something over Labor Day before he leaves to visit his mom in Minnesota. After checking out the prices for various vacation destinations, I came up with this idea.

Dad was planning on driving home to MN since between airfare and car rental for 7-10 days, it would be cheaper to make the drive. So since he was already planning on driving, I suggested that I would drive up with him, take a flight back to Dallas, fly back to MN around the date that he would want to leave, and drive back home with him.
So now I'm looking into flights to see what it would cost to do that. We need to decide when we want to do this.

Tentative plans are as follows:
September 4 - Leave Dallas. Spend night in Kansas City
September 5 - Leave Kansas City. Arrive in Hartland, MN
September 6 - Visit with Dad's mom and Karen
September 7 - Head to Minneapolis to catch 2:30 flight to Dallas
September 8 - 14 - Dad visits with his mom. possibly heads to Mason City, Iowa to meet with father. I return to work to finish monthend and projects
September 15 - Flight to Minneapolis, arrive at 1:30PM. Spend night in Minneapolis
September 16 - Start heading home to Dallas.

All in all, I would only use 4 vacation days, leaving me with 4 more to use before November 1.
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