Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

One of those days

Today seems to be one of those days. I dont know if its the weather outside or what, but I seem to be in a down and out mood today. Not sure what it causing it, probably a combination of things.

Dad is beginning to frustrate me with his trip home to Minnesota. At first, he was going to fly to MN, but decided that the car rental would be too expensive. Then decided he was going to drive. So I made the suggestion that I drive up with him and fly back home for a week, then fly back to drive home with him. He thought it was a good idea. Then the next morning, he is online checking out airfares again, saying he decided that he was going to fly up and rent a car. So I told him he needs to book his flight, because fares will start going up, especially since it is a holiday weekend. But has he? the answer is No. Now he isnt sure if he wants to go home or not.

Work is throwing me for another loop. Our corporate office is going to be facing some layoffs in the next few months. My boss said that he doubts if it trickles down to us, but then again, you never know. I've always looked at my position as being expendable. and it is looking like the director position that I was told that I would get in September is not going to happen. The position wouldnt have entailed that much more work, but the title and the pay would have been nice. Now I'm not sure if I should start looking for another job or not, which leads to the next thing.

I really need to do something about my debt. This living pay check to pay check has got to stop. I considered looking for another job, but hell, everything I earned last year at Lowes working parttime ended up costing me half of my tax refund check in the spring. If I had not worked at Lowes, my tax refund would have been $1500, instead it was $700. I made (after taxes) at Lowes $750. gotta love it. I busted my ass working two jobs only to have it net to ZERO at the end of the year.
Luckily this year, I can deduct some of the housing costs.

Someone made a joke the other day about me putting on weight. Even though I know they were joking, it really hit a nerve. Ever since I started having back trouble, I havent been able to go to the gym and work out. Plus, my eating habits havent exactly been the best. and my couch-potato life style needs to stop as well.

I havent been sleeping too well these past few weeks. I do sleep, but always seem to wake up 2-3 times a night. sometimes its Sparky waking me up, but most of the time I dont know why I woke up. and since I am broke, I cant do anything about it at this time.

So what do I feel like doing now? I think a trip to the store is in order. Pick up a bottle or two of Jack or Captain Morgan, maybe both, and drink myself stupid.

I'm tired. and not just in the physical sense of the word.
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