Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

and so are the Days of Our Lives

I swear, every day the place I work at is turning more and more into a scene right out of a soap opera and for some reason it is revolving around one particular sales agent (C)

C is an unusual lady. She tries to portray herself as a devote southern baptist girl, but we are finding out that sweet little C isnt so sweet and shy after all. Last year she went out of her way to try to prove to us that she looks like Nicole Kidman. A few months ago, she referred to herself as a Barbie doll because she said men look at her like she belongs on a shelf in a glass case. Padded walls come to mind when I see her.

Anyways, flash back two years ago. C was going thru a divorce and was letting everyone know about it. She then got involved with another sales agent (S) and a team leader (E). Well, E found out about S and wasnt too happy about it. A short time later, S was no longer with the company. C then tried to say that she was involved with another sales agent (T), but T denied it and said nothing went on.
This whole scenario went on for about 6 months. The end result - C got back together with her husband and left him after he bought her a brand new car.

Fast forward to Today, when as we were monitoring calls from last week. Our monitoring system captures everything on the sales agents screens while they are talking to a guest. As C is talking to the guest on a phone, she pulls up an email from one of her co-workers (P). In the email, P apologized to C because she did not have a good time at the hotel the other night and that next time she will try to set her up with more mature men. Now, it is well known here that P and her husband are swingers. P has invited more that one sales agent to their place or hotel room for a party or two. The last email that we saw today, has P offering to set C up with two of her friends, who happen to be women, telling C that she is sure that C will have a good time with them. I looked at the director of sales and asked her if she thought I was reading into all of this and she started laughing saying, "No, thats what I get out of it too." So our sweet little southern baptist girl is a swinger too.

Anyways, after I dropped off copies of the documentation with the sales director. I looked at her and said, "You know, people tend to make fun of us gays and some of the things that they are involved with. You straight people are just as fucked up as we are" She laughed and said, "We sure are. But what I want to know, why dont we get invited to these things?"

Stay tuned next week when we could out:
Does C show up at the hotel room and does she get what she has been looking for?
Who is next on P's list to get invited?
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