Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Home Alone

Dad has been in training all week with FedExKinkos. The company decided that it would be good for him to stay at the hotel so that he could "bond" with the other trainees. Unfortunately, part of their policy is no guests, so I'm been stuck at home by myself for the most part. Wednesday night, we did head out for dinner and then to the Eagle for a few drinks.
His training ends today, so he'll be home tonight. Then tomorrow I am dropping him off at the airport so that he can fly home to Minnesota to see his mom and her partner, Karen. Its been a little over a year since he has seen her. I was going to go along, but work wont let me have the time off :-(
So I'm home alone for the next 10 days. My plans are to do some painting around the house. I'm tired of white walls. Tonight when Dad gets home, we are heading out to dinner, then off to Lowes to get some paint to get me started. I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to paint 14 foot ceiling in the living room, plus paint the beams that go across the ceiling. I want to paint the beams a different color than the ceiling. Might have to call around to see if I can rent scaffolding for a few days.
Ive been having a sharp pain in my mouth lately. Was playing with Sparky the other night and his head and my upper jaw collided. Ended up going to the dentist Wednesday to get it checked out. Turns out I have an impacted wisdom tooth and the hit was just enough to aggrevate it. So now I have to have my wisdom teeth taken out. The upside is my dental insurance covers it. The downside is since it is oral surgury, I have to wait for the dentist office to make a referral. The dentist told me it could take 2-3 weeks for the referral to come thru. It will be almost $1,200 if I have it done without the referral. According to the dentist, with the referral, the cost is significantly reduced. So I opted to wait. She did write me a script for the pain - vicodin is now becoming my new best friend. Hopefully the referral comes back sooner than 3 weeks.
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