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My Holiday Weekend [Sep. 6th, 2004|10:28 pm]
Friday night when I got home from work, Dad and I headed out to dinner, then off to have a few drinks at the Eagle.
Saturday AM, we woke up at 6am so I could take him to the Airport for his trip to Minnesota to see his mom.
Dropped him off at the airport around 7:30, came home and started cleaning up the house, getting it ready so I could do some painting.
Took Sparky to the Dog Park and hung out there for an hour, came home, grabbed something to eat and headed out to Lowes to buy painting supplies. $250 later, I had enough paint and supplies to begin painting. Finished cleaning the kitchen, watched some TV and just relaxed. Worked on patching some holes in the kitchen wall left from the previous owners.
Sunday AM, I woke up early and started painting.
As of this afternoon, the kitchen is done, not sure if I'm happy with the color I used for the trim around the floor and doorways. But it actually doesnt look too bad. Its alot better than the multi-shades of white that were already there. Plus the color I selected tones down the harvest gold counter tops. We werent going to paint the kitchen, but rather remodel it, but funds are short right now and this was the best alternative.
tomorrow after work, I'm going to tackle the bedroom, starting with the ceiling and trim work then move to the walls. The walls will probably need to wait until Wednesday night.

Well this cub is tired and heading to bed.