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Should I stay or should I go? [Sep. 8th, 2004|03:23 pm]
Last week I got a telephone call from a company who is starting a call center in Lewisville, wanting to know if I'd be interested in coming to work for them as a strategic analyst. The position is similar to what I have now, the pay is relatively the same so I thought Id see what they had to offer. I met with the manager today for Interview #1.

It was your typical interview. I showed up 15 minutes early, and she came out to the lobby to get me 30 minutes later.
She asked me about my current job and why I wanted to leave. I was open and honest with her, but did not slam my current position like I wanted to. Basically I said that my current position lacks feedback. I never hear back from anyone on the things that I send out. I do not know if my analysis of a particular situation is right on base or way off in left field.
Overall I felt it went well. But I wasnt wow'd by the whole thing. I guess its my analytical skills coming into play looking at the pros and cons of the situation.

Pro #1 - Brand new center, excellent chance to learn things from the ground up
Pro #2 - Its a 10 minute drive from my house, and no need to get on the interstate
Pro #3 - Position could involve travel to the corporate office in Woodland Hills, CA a few times a year
Pro #4 - Many advancement opportunities that I currently dont have

Con #1 - No set schedule. Its a 24/7 facility and the 2 analysts in Dallas will rotate their schedules with the 2 analysts in Woodland Hills. She might do it on a weekly basis, or a quarterly basis. Rotating schedule means less time with Dad. If I was single, this wouldnt be a problem. But I value the little time I have now with Dad.
Con #2 - I'll have 5 years in with my current company in November which means 3 weeks vacation. Im not sure if I want to go back to 2 weeks again. Also, they want to hire someone by the end of September/middle of October. I want to wait until after my anniversary date at this job, that way the company would have to pay me my 3 weeks vacation upon me leaving.
Con #3 - Starting over in seniority and making new friends at work.

Thats about all the cons I can see for now. this would be a great opportunity for me, but do I want to give up what I have now for that opportunity.

Hell, I'm talking like I have the job. I still have 2 more interviews to go thru if I make it past this one.