Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

You learn something new every day

While searching a few websites trying to alleviate my headache and boredom with work, I came across this about Drea de Matteo (formerly Adriana on "The Sopranos" and currently Gina on "Joey") on nbc.com

"She and her partner Robin Whitehouse devote a lot of time to the studio and their company, Great Dane Productions, as they find new writers and projects as well as working on their own material."

I had no idea. I guess I need to start reading up on gay Hollywood again.

In other gay-related news, one of the sales agents transferred a call to me this morning from the front desk supervisor at one of our resorts in Key West. It seems she had a telephone call from a guest this morning who mentioned that she came across our property in a brochure which indicated our property as being "gay-friendly". She (the supervisor) wanted to know if 'gay-friendly' meant that she was supposed to give this person preferential treatment or what exactly did 'gay-friendly' mean.

This posed a few questions in my mind
1. Why was the call transferred to me? Am I the center's resident expert on everything 'gay'
2. You work at a resort in an area which is a prime gay destination. You dont know what 'gay-friendly' means?
3. There is a hurricane heading your way and they are evacuating the resorts, and you are concerned about 'gay-friendly'?

So I nicely explained to her what the 'gay-friendly' indicator meant on the brochure and that she did not have to give this particular guest "preferential treatment" (although, I can say that I was tempted to tell her she had to)

Sometimes I love my job
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