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Weekend Plans [Sep. 10th, 2004|02:54 pm]
Here is a list of things I plan to do this weekend:

1. Finish Painting Bedroom
2. Help with DC Barnight tonight at Eagle
3. Take Sparky to dog-park on Saturday
4. Clean out Car
5. Clean House
6. Finish Laundry
7. Start painting spare bedroom
8. Find some time to relax

and on Monday, I get to go pick up Dad from the airport. He claims he is ready to come home. Yesterday he went with his mom to the Mall of America, then they were heading to do some gambling. Today, they are heading to his grandma's to visit her and tomorrow, they are going to be at the Clay County Fair is Spencer, IA. I'm sure he'll find quite a few Iowa Bubbas to look at.
His big highlight of the trip is going to be going with his mom, her partner, his grandmother, to see Clay Aiken perform at the fair tomorrow night. What joy! What Fun! hehehehe. I better watch it, I might get a beating for teasing him like this. On second thought......{grin}