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My Extended Weekend - Mike's Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My Extended Weekend [Sep. 20th, 2004|10:49 am]
Well, after getting pissed off when I got called into work on Thursday, I headed home where Dad and I spent most of the afternoon running around doing errands and such. One of our stops was to get a new gas grill since the one that we currently have is 10 years old and the bottom of it is starting to rust out on it.
We were trying to figure out how to get the grill in the back of my car, when a guy pulled up in a truck and offered to take it to the house for us. I rode with him back to the house. When we got there, he helped unload everything and told us to have a nice day. I offered him some cash since he drove out of his way to our house. He refused and told us to have a good day. I looked at Dad and said that I guess there still are some people in this city that would help someone out and not expect something in return.

Thursday night, I started to put the grill together, not an easy thing to do in 90+ degree weather on a concrete surface. I finally had enough and went inside to cool off a bit.
Friday was pretty much a lazy day around the house. Neither one of us was feeling the best, so we didnt do much. I finished the grill while Dad worked on the yard. After that I started working inside the house. We thought about going out for a few drinks, but I wasnt up for it, so we stayed in and had a few cocktails while watching some television.
Saturday, we went to the dog park and watched Sparky play around with the other dogs. We chatted with a few people while Sparky ran around with the other dogs. He was having a good time until a german shepherd knocked him over and he took a nose-dive into the dirt. He ended up breaking off part of the pad on his front paw and sprained his paw. Now he is walking around with a slight limp, but he can still jump around on it, so its not broke. Luckily we are taking him to the vet today, so I can have her check his paw for me.

Saturday night we went to the Eagle for the Dallas LeatherSIR/LeatherBoy contest. Dad and I were placing bets on how many contestants they had this year. Dad said probably just 1 for each title, I said probably 2. We were both wrong. This year they didnt have any contestants, so the contest was cancelled. A few people told Dad and I that we should have run for it. But neither one of us are into contests these days. I've entered 2 contests in the past. One was in 1994 and the other in 1999. Had a fun time in the contests, but didnt win. And after hearing what all is expected of the winners, I'm glad I didnt win. Dad entered a bear contest in 1998 and won. He is of the attitude, "Been there, done that" and has no interest in entering contests either.
When they told us that the contest was cancelled, I looked at the television and they were broadcasting the Miss America pagent. I looked at Larry, the bartender, and told him to turn the volume up, that we'll just make the winner of the Miss America pagent, Mr Dallas LeatherSir for 2004. He laughed and said that he didnt think it would go over too well.
We hung out for a while, chatted with a few friends. We headed out to the patio and chatted with a few guys we havent seen in a while, then headed home.

Sunday, Dad and I had tickets to see the Cleveland Browns vs the Dallas Cowboys. I surprised Dad last week with tickets to the game. He is a big Brown fan and used to go to the games alot when he lived in Cleveland. The game was terrible to say the least. Both sides kept turning the ball over. Garcia (Clevelands QB) didnt throw a complete pass until the 4th Quarter. Testeverde and Garcia traded interceptions 5 plays in a row. The game was almost equivalent to a pee-wee football game.
But we still had a good time. Lots of bubbas to gawk at and gotta love those football uniforms.
We got home around 7:30pm. I cooked dinner, chatted with my parents, and we settled in for the night watching "Dead Like Me" then headed to bed.

All in all not a bad weekend. Definitely not glad to be back at work today.