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and the dreams continue [Sep. 23rd, 2004|10:27 am]
[Current Mood |mellowmellow]

Last nights dream was more bizarre than the others I had this week

The dream started out as a scene from the movie Reign of Fire. Basically I was playing the part of Quinn (Christian Bale in the movie). The scenes played out almost exactly like the movie, except at one point, I discover that sulfur from matches would actually kill the dragons. We scoured the villages and towns for as many matches as we could and killed almost all of the dragons. In the movie, there is a scene where a dragon attacks a convoy heading to London. At this point of my dream, I am under the truck trying to avoid the dragon's flames, watching everyone else getting fried. The dragon lands, peers under the truck and begins to blow flames towards me. It is at this point, that everything turns into the scene from Shrek when they are leaving the castle with Princess Fiona, and I am actually watching everything on a big screen television. In the room with me are several friends and also stars from various films and television shows I've watched. Someone calls my name from another room and I walk into it, to find Maura Tierney (Abby on "ER") sitting in room full of computers. She tells me to have a seat in front of one of the computers and tells me that she found a new career for me. She told me that I should become a psychoanalyst. When I asked her why, her response was "Why not? You've always been intrigued by how the mind works and why people do what they do". I told her that I couldnt afford going to school to get the necessary degree and she told me that I should file bankrupcy and have Dad pay for my school via his credit cards and work up a loan agreement with him.
Suddenly there was a beeping noise coming from the computer. She told me to seriously consider it and told me to have a good day at work. and thats when I woke up.

Maybe I shouldnt have had that last drink at the Eagle last night. But we were having such a good time chatting with some friends and smoking cigars that neither one of us was really wanting to leave. Plus for some reason, we got interested in the baseball game between the Rangers and A's.

On a side note: This morning I received an email announcing the new 2004-05 executive committee for the Discipline Corps. Dad was elected President and I am one of two Member at Large. All of us on the committee are pretty good friends with one another, so this could become an interesting year, to say the least, which I think will definitely take the club into a positive direction.

From: ex_handinglo300
2004-09-23 10:53 am (UTC)
It's a shame I'm not in Dallas. :(
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