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Weekend Recap

Got to leave work at 1pm since the company I work for is trying to be more culturally diversified and lets us work 1/2 day for Yom Kippur. Shortly after I got home, Dad got there. His boss didnt want to pay him overtime for the week, so he got to leave early as well. We decided to take Sparky to the Plano Dog Park, spent about an hour there and headed home. We did some lite chores around the house and decided to head out to the Eagle for a few cocktails. Ran into a few friends, got caught up on the latest drama affecting some people we mutually know. Headed home, had some mind-blowing sex, and went to sleep

Saturday, we woke up early and started to clean the house. The bar area was starting to look like a disaster area hit it. It is becoming our dump all area (paperwork mainly). I cleaned the bar off, wiped everything down and placed most of the paperwork in a box. I'll have to sit down some night and decide what to keep and what can be thrown out. After that we went on a shopping run to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

Saturday night was the grand opening of Dallas Center for Alternative Lifestyles It is a new community center and dungeon space in Dallas that Dad and I along with 30 other people have invested in. The grand opening was boring to say the least, but we got to chat with some friends and fellow investors.
After that we headed to the Eagle for a few drinks. Dad and I got filled in on some potential drama facing Discipline Corps in the next few months, since we will be officers for the coming year. Yea, just what I want.. more drama in my life.
After our friends left, we were standing there finishing our drinks when this bear came up to us

The guy comes up, nudges me aside, and asks Dad if he knows Keith, a friend of ours and fellow DC club member. Dad was wearing a t-shirt with the DC patch on it. I was wearing my vest with the DC patch on the back. Dad told him that yes, we knew Keith and that we had just seen him earlier in the evening. Introductions were made and small talk ensued. Shortly after that, friends of ours showed up, and we started chatting with them and introduced the new guy. The new guy left and we talked to our friends. After our friends left, the new guy returns, again brushing me aside and proceeds to have a conversation with Dad, with his back towards me. I try to move around, but the guy is persistent in keeping between Dad and I. Another buddy shows up, so I start chatting with him. Dad finally looks at me and asks if I am ready to head home. As we are walking out, the new guy pulls on Dad's arm and whispers something in his ear. By this time, I am about to blow my stack and tug on Dad's arm. When we get outside, I ask Dad what that was about. Dad said that he really couldnt understand the guy and didnt really care what he had to say. It seems that their entire conversation revolved around this guy and what he was looking for sexually. I told Dad that I knew that the guy was trying to pick him up.
Here is what pissed me off the most. The guy was told that we were a couple, but he still insisted on trying to hit on Dad, and went out of his way to shut me out of the conversation. I will admit, that I am partially at fault, because I should have forced my way in. Even after Dad expressed no interest in him, he persisted. I will say that I will be looking forward to the next time we are out and run into this guy. He tries this again, and he is going to have to deal with a pissed off cub.

Sunday we got up and relaxed a bit. Headed to the Dog Park at White Rock Lake. Spent a good 2 hours there, chatting with other dog owners and watching Sparky have a little fun in the water. Came home, watched some TV, played some Golf on the play station and cooked dinner. After dinner, I gave Sparky a bath while Dad looked up a few things online. Relaxed on the sofa watching "Dead Like Me", then went to bed.

Work has been uneventful today. Caught up on a few things and got some things down in preparation for month-end. Dad is at the corporate office for training today and is meeting a friend of ours for dinner. I was invited to join them, but didnt really feel like driving in rush hour traffic to meet them. I figured I could get a few chores done while Dad is there.
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