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Hump Day [Sep. 29th, 2004|12:43 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Today, I'm exhausted. I dont think that I've had a good nights sleep since Saturday night. My allergies are real bad and nothing I do seems to help. Combine those with a slight case of sleep apnea and it makes for a very restless night, or nights in my case.

Things are going ok in my world lately. Nothing really out of the ordinary. We've had Sparky to the vet twice in the last week because he is losing a good bit of his hair on his back hind quarters and now it is moving along his chest. $400 later, the vet tells us that every is normal and that she doesnt know why Sparky is losing his hair. Our next option is to take him to an animal dermatologist.

Dad and I are looking into various financial options to help me with the debt that I have. Just getting by every month isnt working. So we've been researching some options, looking at the pros and cons of each.

There has been some drama brewing with 2 organizations that Dad and I belong to. Hopefully, after a few telephone calls and email exchanges last night, we have gotten every thing under control, and both organizations can more forward in a positive way. Sucks being a newly elected officer and already thrown into drama. But such is life I guess.

Dad has been looking into the possibility of taking some classes and working towards a degree. He was once a regional trainer with his current company, but in August 2001, the company eliminated the entire training department. After his severance ran out, he was rehired as an assistant branch manager, which he has been doing ever since. Right now he is going thru their management training program to be a branch manager, but his district manager doesnt foresee any openings in the district at this time. The corporate office has decided to reinstate the training department, but on a smaller scale than in was pre-2001. Dad was looking into those positions, but they now require a degree, which he doesnt have. He is looking into getting a teaching certification.
Our only problem with this right now is his company. As an assistant branch manager, he is required to be available 24/7 to assist with issues that might arise while he is away from the office. I dont think this should prevent him from taking classes, but Dad discussed it with his branch manager, and it looks like he is going to make it hard for Dad to take the classes.

Work is going ok for me. Friday is the 1st, so for the next week I'm going to be going crazy.. Then of course, my parents arrive on Friday the 8th. I have a meeting with DC that night and the general DC meeting on Sunday. Saturday night and Sunday afternoons are the play parties. Can you say that this is not really a good time for the parents to visit from PA.
Had a staff meeting this morning from 9am-11am, and stuck in another one from 4pm-6pm tonight. Did I mention that my working hours are 6am-3pm normally.

Tonight is cigar night at the Eagle. Dad and I probably arent going tonight. After 12 hours of work and my recent sleep patterns, it is probably not a good idea. Plus the Lone Star Cigar Men are having a meeting tonight to discuss Smoketoberfest, and even though we are members, I go to the bar to enjoy myself, not sit in a meeting. I've had enough of those today.

Oh well, back to work.. Lunch break is over.