Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Cub 1 Bitchy Team Leader 0

Score one for the cub today.

At our staff meeting yesterday, my boss recognized the top revenue producing teams for August and September. There was one team leader who has been bragging all month that she had the top team in August.
When the stats were calculated, it turns out the she was #3 for the month.
I couldnt see her face, but others have told me that she was ready to explode when everything was announced. After a few minutes, she bellows out "and what were my team stats for August?" David read off her stats, and she yells, "Those arent right! Mike's cheating me again"
I explained that there is a sales associate who has been working on a special project for the past few months. He has not been reporting to her since May. I removed his stats from her team. David said, "Well, that seems fair!"
She proceeds to argue with me in front of the entire staff, saying that this agent didnt take any calls, so it wouldnt affect her team. I replied back that although he didnt take any calls, he did book revenue in the month that she was counting in her stats. She still was getting it, so I walked up to the flip charts, grabbed a marker and drew her a nice little diagram on how everything works. You'd think that after being here 4 years, she would grasp the concept. Obviously not.
After the meeting, several people came up to me, patted me on the back and told me how well I handled myself. Made me feel good
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