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My 2004 Goals [Oct. 7th, 2004|07:28 am]
Yes, I know that is October and that I should have had goals for the year by now. But these are goals relating to work. Since I am not a director, I was informed in April that I was no longer eligible for a yearly bonus. Now I find out, that I am, and that I have to have goals sent to corporate with an update on their status. Its due tomorrow.

Here's my situation though: The goals that I did set at the beginning of the year, were basically tossed out when I was told that I wasnt eligible for the bonus. I looked at those goals again today, and all 3 of them are no longer valid, because we are moving to a new reservation system in November. Any work that I have done on these goals will have to be re-done due to the conversion of the systems.

Any suggestions from anyone on goals, that I could use? Only 25% of my potential bonus is based on these goals, but achieving any portion of that will mean extra money for me.

My title is Reports Analyst. I basically compile reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for the call center and send out an analysis of those reports.