Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend in a nutshell

--Got up and went to Work
--Parental Units arrived from PA. Left work at 2pm to check them into hotel
--Hang out with parents.
--Dinner with Parents
--DC Officers Meeting at DCAL location
--DC Bar Night at Eagle. Cigars and drinks consumed
--Went home, got naked, got butt pounded, went to sleep

--Got up
--Cleaned house
--Parents arrived at house
--Installed ceiling fan in kitchen
--Lunch with parents
--Installed ceiling fan in bedroom
--Hang out with parents
--Dinner with parents
--DC Play Party. 36 needles in upper chest, ranging from 16 gauge to 22 gauge. Dental floss wound to connect needles. Arthritis cream spread on end of needles prior to them being pulled out. Flying so high that I was laughing instead of screaming as the pain increased. Having the Top say that I am a twisted sick pain pig and that he'd love to play with me again sometime. More later on this when I have time
--Went home, got naked, went to sleep

--Took Sparky outside at 8:30
--Back to bed and sleep til 10:30
--Grab shower and head to DC Member meeting
--Sworn in as officer of club. Shocked that recent drama with club didnt erupt as bad as we thought it would.
--Stopped at store to grab something to make for dinner
--Parents arrived
--Watched remainder of Cowboys/Giants game. Watched St Louis/Seattle game
--Cooked dinner (Meatload, Garlic Potatoes, Zucchini/Cucumber salad, Apple Pie, Ice Cream)
--Did dishes while Dad and parental units chatted
--Said goodbye to parents for the night
--Watched Desperate Housewives
--Smoked cigar
--Cigar fun with Dad
--Took shower
--Asked Dad for butt strapping.
--Began laughing as I was getting strapping. Realized that I am doing a much better job on re-directing pain these days. Not sure if laughter is the best thing though.
--Got freshly strapped butt pounded hard by Dad
--Went to sleep

Today thus far
--Got up
--Met parents at hotel for breakfast
--Said goodbye to parents
--Went to work

All in all a rather good weekend, if I must say
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