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Back from the Woods [Oct. 18th, 2004|12:50 pm]
Had a great weekend camping this weekend. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

Thursday, Dad and I left around noon to head to the campsite. Its about a 3-3 1/2 hour drive to the campsite. We stopped to grab a bite to eat and to pick up some supplies for the weekend. We were the first ones of our group to arrive. We set up the tent, cleanup out a few other spots for some friends, and relaxed by the first. Turned out, we were the only ones to show up on Thursday. Ended up chatting by the fire with a few of the caretakers of the property. After a quick shower and some hot sweaty sex (in and out of the shower), we headed to bed.
Temp dropped to the 40s that night. Although we were prepared for the cold night, I forgot something to put over my head at night. I ended up grabbing a towel during the night and wrapped it around my head. Of course, when Dad woke up in the morning, he got a good laugh at my expense. Gradually throughout the day, other people arrived. We helped a few set up their tents and worked on cleaning up the play areas in the compound. Ron offered to cook dinner for everyone, so we sat around the fire eating the stew he prepared for us. Dad and I decided to grab a shower. As I was drying off, Dad pulled out the camera and snapped a few pics of me, saying that I needed to update the ones that I have. (i'll post them one of these days). We walked back to the campfire, had a few drinks and staggered into bed around midnight.
Saturday, we woke up early and had breakfast. Dad grabbed a few of his straps and we went down to the compound.
After a good strapping, we watched some of the other play going on. Soon it was time for lunch and a quick trip to the store to pick up some more liquor and fixings for dinner. We got back to the campsite around 3pm. Dad and a friend talked about when and what they were going to do to me for a scene later on. All I was told was that it involved needles, dental floss, and suspension. Matt decided that he would rather do the scene after dinner, so Dad grabbed me and the toy bag and we were off to the compound again. This time, it was a combination of floggers, straps and a single tail whip on my back. After we got done, I noticed that we had a small audience around us. The one guy commented that he couldnt believe how much I was taking. I was definitely in a good headspace during the scene.
After dinner, we were treated to a small cocktail party hosted by a few of the campers. Needlesstosay, the needle scene that was supposed to happen, didnt due to all parties indulging in a few cocktails. We ended up by the fire again, chatting with the group and headed to bed.
Sunday, we woke up, grabbed some breakfast, tore down the tent. After packing things in the car, we walked around saying our goodbyes and headed home. We got home in time to watch the Steelers beat the Cowboys.

Last night we watched "Desperate Housewives" and "Dead Like Me". Crawled into a nice warm bed and fell asleep. Had trouble sleeping last night for some reason. Probably due to the fact that I knew I would walk into a nightmare at work today. Which of course was true.
It seems that the consultants that made the recommendations for layoffs at the corporate office, are stopping by today to look at possible cuts here at the res. office. I will not be shocked if my position is one that is eventually eliminated, although I have been told, off the record, that there are other positions on the chopping block first. Oh well, we'll see

Right now I am fighting with Chase regarding my mortgage. It seems that according to their analysis, my escrow is going to be around $8500 short this year, meaning that I have to now pay $800 more a month to my mortgage. My escrow payments are twice what my actual Principal and Interest payments are. According to the CSR, their analysis was correct. To which, my response, was "No F_cking Way". It seems that they have me paying County, City, and School taxes in 2 counties plus paying school taxes again. When I pointed out to her that there is only one house at my address and it is impossible to live in 2 different counties, she acknowledged that Chase might have been mistaken. Now I have to wait 15 days for them to review my case. Gotta love it.

I am also fighting with Cigna Dental right now too. I am still waiting, 7 weeks later, for a referral to be approved so that I can get my wisdom teeth taken out. I have called them 2-3 times a week since my initial visit to the dentist, only to be told that the paperwork hasnt been filed yet. Today, they tell me that the Oral Surgeon has to send in the referral. When I explained that I have met with the oral surgeon and that he has sent in the paperwork 3 times to them. When I leave work today, I have heading over to his office, so we can call Cigna together. On the plus side, they are going to write me another script for Vicodin

Tonight, I have to pick up Sparky and get the rest of the camping stuff put away. If only the camping trip would have lasted a few more days.