Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend Recap

Friday - After work, Dad and I decided to rent movies and stay in for the night. He had to teach class all day Saturday, so we figured we'd skip going to the Lone Star Cigar Men's Smoketoberfest function that night. We ended up renting "SuperSize Me", "Johnson Family Vacation", and "Twisted".
“SuperSize Me” definitely made me rethink the whole fast food thing these days. Of course I don’t eat that much fast food to begin with, but damn. And that’s all I’ll say
“Johnson Family Vacation” was ok. It had its funny moments and seemed to have moments where I wished it would speed things along.
“Twisted” was surprisingly good. But I must be watching too many movies lately, because I was able to figure out the true killer fairly quickly.
Saturday – While Dad was teaching his class, I cleaned the house. When he got home, we took Sparky to the Dog Park, chatted with a few other dog owners, and came home and crashed for a bit. We headed out to the Eagle for the LSCM’s Smoketoberfest bar-night. Turnout was pretty good for the events 3rd year. We had 63 out of town guests for the event. I bid on a few things for the silent auction, but was outbid on them. The items were things that I had to have. One was a leather cased humidor and the other was a leather cigar pouch.
Sunday was a lazy day for the most part. We decided to head to the Door for a few cocktails. We ended up running into a few online buddies that were in town for Smoketoberfest. Chatted with them briefly. Headed to dinner with a few friends, then I dropped Dad off at the hotel for his training this week. Went home and tried to crash, but couldn’t sleep for some reason. Ended up chatting online for a while and finally crashed around midnight. Getting up at 5am this morning was not an easy thing.
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