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Its Friday [Oct. 29th, 2004|11:16 am]
now if 3:00pm would get here so I could go home. Its going to be one of those days where no one gets anything done, as some people are dressed up for Halloween. I wasnt in the mood for dressing up today, so I'm wearing black jeans and an orange shirt. If anybody asks, I just say I'm the great pumpkin from Charlie Brown.

Other than that, things are ok. Dad completed his LDPI training this week. His final presentation was on Wednesday. Last week, he had interviewed for a branch manager's position and he found out yesterday that he got it. The original branch that he interview for was given to the manager at the branch that he is going to be taking over. The branch that he is taking over is currently at 62% of their yearly plan. The current manager there was transferred to the open position at the other branch, which is currently over 100% of their plan. Gotta love corporate politics. Rewarding a manager with a profitable branch when his current branch is definitely below par. The district manager's reasoning for putting Dad at the low producing branch is that Mike feels that Dad will be able to turn the branch around and make it profitable. Yesterday, Dad met with Mike to discuss the salary and bonus structure for the branch. Basically, the base salary is equal to his full earnings at an assistant manager (base + overtime + incentives), so Dad will not be losing any money by moving to a salaried position. Of course, he'll also be putting in a lot more hours than he did as an assistant manager though. Mike also told him that he would guarantee him his bonus for 3 months. Dad is wanting a guarantee for 6 months. His reasoning is this: Mike told him that the branch needs a complete overhaul (i.e. staffing). Dad feels that this will take at least 3 months to complete and that he should be given 3 months after that to try to turn the branch into a profitable center. He should find out today if that is a possibility. They want him to start at the new branch on Monday.

What does this mean for me? Dad told me last night, after he visited the branch, that it definitely is going to take him some time to get things running the way he wants them to run. He told me to be prepared that he is expecting to put in long hours each day, possibly 7 days a week at first. We wont get to spend as much time together and when he does take a day off he isnt really going to feel like doing things. So while he is working all those hours, I plan on keeping up with things around the house (cleaning, laundry, meals, yardwork). I dont want him putting in 12 hour days and coming home and feeling like he has to work at home too. As part of the Dad/son relationship that we have, I do most of these things now, I will just have to put forth the effort to pick up things that he isnt able to do. It is a great move for him and something that he really wanted, so I plan to be as supportive of it as I can. Also, with Dad taking over responsibility of the branch, he is going to want my help in keeping up with the financial aspects of it. Helping him review the P&L, analyzing his costs and such, looking for ways that he can improve things. This is good for me, because it will allow me to get more experience and hopefully gain more knowledge that will help me land a better job down the line.

Not sure what we are doing tonight. We may head out to the Eagle for a few drinks and a few cigars. Right now, I'd be content with just staying in, spending some quality time with Dad. Tomorrow, I'll be heading to Garland to attend Shoshanna's memorial service, unless someone decides to take me up on the offer to work for them (even though I havent been on the phones in years at the office). We'll probably take Sparky to the dog park for a while, Im sure he could use the exercise.

Also, I found out that one of my club brothers in Discipline Corps passed away yesterday at around 5pm. Dan had recently been voted in as a member of the Club and was also on the Board of Directors for DCAL. He went into the hospital on Monday for heart surgury to replace a valve that had gone bad. Yesterday morning the hospital moved him from ICU into a regular room and according to some close friends of his, he was progressing well. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends!