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The Weekend [Nov. 1st, 2004|11:34 am]
Friday night, Dad and I decided to just hang out at home and rent some movies. This week's selections were "The Punisher", "The Prince and Me" and "The Event"
Saturday, after I did some work around the house, we headed to the Dog Park with Sparky. The park was basically one big mud puddle with a few not-so-wet places, but we figured that since we were there, we'd let Sparky have some fun. 90 minutes later and a dirt covered dog, we headed back home. I gave Sparky a bath while Dad did some things for work. After dinner, Dad decided that I should wear my chaps out and that he should give me a few good marks on my ass for people to see. I didnt object :-)
Later, we headed out to the Eagle for a few cocktails and drinks. Neither one of us was in the mood to dress up in costume for the night. It was a strange night to say the least. There was some older guy stalking us for most of the night. He told Dad and I that we looked "pretty" in our leather. Now, people have made comments to me before when Ive been out in my chaps, jock and vest, but not once has the term "Pretty" been used. I normally dont have issues with people rubbing or groping me, but when I ask politely that you stop from doing it, I expect that you do. Not with this guy. At one point, he brushed up along side Dad and Dad took 2 steps away from him. Next thing we know, the guy is rubbing up along side Dad and trying to grab at my jock. Dad grabbed his hand and said "I've been nice so far buddy. You dont want to piss me off. Now back off." Of course, the guy started telling us we had attitude. At that point, the one bartender walked up behind us, and told the guy that he needed to leave. I guess we werent the only ones being bothered by this guy.
We headed home around 1am and crashed about 3am. What we did in that time, I'll let you come up with on your own. Lets just say that both Dad and boy were quite satisfied.
Sunday morning came and for some reason I had a migraine. I figured that part of it was probably due to the amount of alcohol I drank combined with all the smoke inside the Eagle. Damn sinuses anyways.
When I finally crawled out of bed, I went directly to the sofa where I crashed for most of the afternoon flipping between movies and football games. Got down on my knees at one point and thanked the almighty for Green Bay defeating the Washington Redskins. Hopefully tradition will continue this presidential election.
I grilled some chicken for dinner and we ate while watching "Desperate Housewives" and then the season finale of "Dead Like Me" and then it was off to bed.
Now its Monday, and I'm stuck here doing monthend billing and reporting, which will consume my working days for the next week or so.
I finally heard back from the insurance company, they finally approved my dental surgery after 2 months of waiting. So on November 16, I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I did have 3 vacation days that I had to use before November 8th of this year, but work agreed to let me use them for the surgery. Oh well, at least I'll get a few days of work off.