Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

The Weekend

Friday night, Dad and I headed out to the Eagle for a few drink and cigars. Chatted with a few friends. This was coronation weekend for the United Court of the Lone Star Empire. I ran into some friends of mine that I havent seen in a long time. Spent a good hour catching up with them, exchanged telephone numbers, and just had a good old time.
Saturday, we took Sparky to the Dog Park in Plano. There must have been 60+ dogs out this weekend. Weather was great for it. We stayed there about 90 minutes, then headed home, stopping at Hollywood Video to pick up a few movies for the night. Ended up with "A Cinderella Story", "White Chicks" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
Sunday, I actually slept in late. We headed to the mall to pick Dad up some new shirts for work, stopped for lunch at BJs, and then headed home. Dad asked me what I wanted to do when we got home. My response - "Its such a great day outside. I'd be content just sitting on the patio, having a few drinks and smoking a cigar". Dad thought that was a good idea too, but he decided that we needed to get into the hottub as well. I didnt object to that at all.
Sunday night we watched Desperate Housewives and part of Huff (new series on Showtime). We recorded it, so I'm sure we'll watch it later in the week.

and now its Monday and I'm stuck at work. Its also my 5th anniversary at this job. Surprisingly, all I got was 5 balloon on my desk and a card from the staff. I like it when people listen to me.
The card was a generic Anniversary card that we give to the staff on their anniversaries at the office, so I actually signed my own card earlier this month.
Today, they are having a blood drive with the American Red Cross. Several people have asked me why I havent given blood yet. I promptly told them about the Red Cross's policies on gays giving blood. All thought it was a stupid policy. Oh well. I also had a red cross volunteer approach me. I informed her that I was gay and couldnt give blood. She told me "Well, you could always lie. There is a blood shortage you know". I told her that maybe she should contact the Red Cross and have that policy looked at then.

Other than that, Im just waiting for the day to end. Today is Dad's first day as a branch manager, so I'm anxious to hear how his day went. Hopefully he doesnt decide to work too late tonight.
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