Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Corporate (IL)Logic

Sometimes I wonder how far in the sand executives in this company have their head.

We are converting to a new reservation system which requires a brand new reporting database and structure.
As of this Friday, our lone tech person responsible to the creation of these reports and database is being laid off. I called him today to see if he will have everything in place before he leaves. His response was "No, I have the property level reports almost complete, but I havent started on the corporate reports"
Now, considering I use the corporate reports for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reporting as well as property billing at the end of the month, I am now screwed. So I brought this up in my meeting today.
"Well, Mike. Until we can get someone in here to do the corporate reports, you will need to run your reports by Property" Well, folks.. That now means that I have to pull data 156 times a day, since I will not have a summary report anymore.

Brilliant People... Brilliant
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