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The Cub's Weekend [Nov. 15th, 2004|11:07 am]
Friday, I got off work around 3:30pm. Traffic sucked more than usual and about an hour later I finally got home. I knew we were heading out for the Discipine Corps bar night, so I figured I'd catch a quick nap before Dad got home. But for some reason, I couldnt sleep. Dad got home around 7:30, and after changing clothes, we were out the door. We stopped at Ojeda's for dinner and then we were off to the Eagle. It was an ok evening, both Dad and I were sorta exhausted from the week. We left around 1am and headed home.
Saturday, we worked on cleaning the house and cleaning out the flower beds of plants that were past their prime. About 3:00, Dad told me to grab a shower and said he had a surprise for me. When I got out, he told me to close my eye and hold out my hands. He dropped something in them and when I opened my eyes, I saw that they were the keys to the playspace that we are investors in. Dad said that we were due for some fun. I got dressed and grabbed the play bag, and then we were off to the play space.
We got to the play space and found out that it was 61 degrees inside the dungeon. We turned on the heat but nothing happened. After playing around with that for a while, we went outside and noticed that the gas hadnt been hooked up as of yet. Dad said that it was too cold in there for what he had planned to do to me, so we came up with a few other options. Lets just say that it started out with a sling, duct tape, and a paddle and ended with a very satisfied Dad and cub.
After that, we headed to the Eagle for a cigar and a few drinks. Then stopped at Hollywood Video and rented "Steppford Wives" and "Unspeakable". I knew what to expect from Stepford Wives as I've heard people talk about it. "Unspeakable" was something that I hadnt heard anything about. Sorta twisted in a sense, but I actually found it to an interesting movie to watch
Sunday morning we headed to a Discipline Corps officers' meeting at 10:30am. It was our first official meeting as new officers of the club. Meeting actually went better than we expected and it was over by the time the Discipline Corps play party was set to begin.
Dad wanted to do the flogging and whipping scene that he had planned for Saturday night for us to do. Luckily, another investor in DCAL, went out and bought space heaters for the space and it was a comfortable 70 degrees in there when we played.
I was supposed to do a needle scene with one of the DC members, but both of us were mentally exhausted from the earlier scenes. We made plans to do it next month.
Dad had another flogging scene scheduled, so I watched his scene and a few other ones going on.
After that, it was time to head home. I cooked dinner, cleaned up a bit, and just relaxed.
We watched the disaster film on CBS "Category 6". At times I felt like I was watching someone play a playstation 2 game. the special effects in some places left a lot to be desired. I wasnt happy to find out that the conclusion will be Wednesday. I know I'll be watching "Lost" instead.
Oh well, tomorrow, I finally get my wisdom teeth taken out and get the rest of the week off of work. Other than that, not much planned for this week.