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Update [Nov. 23rd, 2004|01:25 pm]
[Current Mood |grumpygrumpy]

Well now that I am back to work after the whole wisdom teeth thing last week, all hell seems to have broken loose.
Sunday they install the new reservation system. Cutover was scheduled for 3pm. It finally cut over at 4:30pm. At 8pm, it crashed. So since Sunday, I've been dealing with all the issues related to that.
None of the system reports that I need to complete my daily reports have been been created. I.T. is supposed to have them done before next week.
Next week, I have to do monthend and complete the billing for the properties. Of course, the new reservation system did not pull in any data from the old system, so I have to do 2 different billing reports and then try to combine them.

Not a happy cub here today.

Other than work, things are going somewhat ok. Dad is working crazy hours at his new branch, so we dont get to see much of one another. But luckily he is off Thursday and taking the weekend off, so we'll have 4 days together.

I'm a little pissed off at my sisters right now. The two of them got together and decided that we werent exchanging gifts this year. No biggie. Saves me some money. But my one sister also told me not to buy anything for my nieces this year, because she will then feel obligated to get me something. Even though I said I didnt want anything, and that I want to get them something, she said that whatever I send them will be sent back. So now Im down to buying something for them that can be kept at my parents place so that the kids can enjoy it when they go to "Grandma's" for the day. I havent talked to my other sister yet, so I dont know her feelings on anything yet.

Oh well, back to working on this damn system here at work.