Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

To the Man I love

Three years ago, I was at the Dallas Eagle having a few beers when I turned around and saw you walk in the door with a friend of mine. We were introduced and spent the rest of the night leaning against the wall talking to one another. You definitely captivated my attention that night. But as things would have it, it was your last night in Dallas and the next day you were flying back to Cleveland. So, I had to settle for a good night/goodbye kiss that night.
We did have plans to meet the next day before you left for the airport, but as fate would have it, things came up on your end, and I didnt get to see you. I'll admit I was a little upset that you didnt even call me before you left. Towards evening, I was past my upset stage having convinced myself that it just wasnt meant to be.
That night, before heading to bed, I signed online to check email. As I was deleting most of the junk mail, you sent me an IM apologizing for not calling me. At first my answers were direct and short. Having been blown off several times in the past by other guys, I wasnt about to waste my time.
But there was something different about your IMs. I dont know if it was the tone of your responses or what it was, but you were able to get me to open up a little that night. A few hours later, we both said good night. Nightly chats online turned into nightly phone calls. Eventually we both got video chat programs and talked the nights away.
We traveled back and forth to spend weekends together and one day you announced that your job transfer to Dallas was accepted and the rest is history.
I love you Dad. Happy Anniversary!

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