Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Update on things

The last week has been relatively uneventful for the most part, which is a good thing for a change.
Friday night we headed out to the Eagle for a few drinks and cigars. Chatted with a few friends, made a few new ones, and just enjoyed ourselves.
Saturday was shopping day. Shopping for Christmas gifts and groceries mainly. Ended up buying a few pairs of 501s since the ones I currently have are getting too loose on me. After that, we rented a few movies and spent the evening at home
Sunday, we took Sparky to the dog park in Plano. Spent about an hour there and then headed home. Gave Sparky a bath. Rammed my head into a shelf and put a nice gash in it. Went to the Eagle for JD's Christmas Auction and Show. Had a great time at time.. Dollar well drinks from 4-6 helped with the mood as well.
Monday was back to work. Same shit different day. Slowly getting the reports that I need. I have a meeting today to discuss the situation with the senior VP. It should be interesting.

In other news, Wyndham is now the official sponsor of the New Orleans Bowl on December 14th.
Ok, so it isnt a major bowl game, but it is the first bowl game of the season and it would be good publicity for the company and get more brand recognition for us. Too bad we cant score some free tickets to the game. I could use a few days in New Orleans right about now
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