Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

To Party or Not to Party

About a month ago, I overheard some people at work discussing having a "Managers-only" Christmas party. Over the past few weeks, I'd overhead bits and pieced of the party, but nothing was ever directly said to me about it. (When your office is right near the "congregation" part of the office, you hear alot of things)
Yesterday, I mentioned to a co-worker that Dad was working Saturday for a few hours. She asked if we were still going to be able to make the party. I said, "What party?" It turns out that my name was mistakenly left off the invitation list for the party. Since this coworker is also the hostess of the party, she apologized and asked if we could make it. I informed her that we already had plans for the night and that we wouldnt be able to make it. She asked if we could possibly do both and come to her party later in the evening. I said probably not because the other party is a good 45 minutes from her house.
So now I'm catching hell from people at work because I wont be at this party. No one can seem to comprehend that we have other plans and that I am not about to skip out early on one party to go to another. Normally, I would try to do both, but the fact is.. this isnt the first time, my name has been left off the invitation list to a party that a co-worker is throwing. I always seem to get the last minute invitation and details of the party and they expect me to drop everything to attend (in order, to be a team player, of course). I know that my name isnt being left off the invites intentionally. When you are a department of one, you tend to get forgotten. But sometimes I wonder if the "forgetting" is because people know that I am gay and they are uncomfortable having me around. By inviting me at the last minute, chances are pretty good that I already have something else going on and wont be able to attend.
The funny thing is that Friday night at the bar, I was bitching to Dad about not being invited to the party. I knew that it was planned for this Saturday, but I hadnt been invited. and since I am good friends with the hostess, I knew that it was just an oversight on her part. But its pretty tacky to go up to someone and say "Hey, I hear you are having a party next week. Was I forgotten again?"
So I guess, I'm confused as to how I should feel about all this. On one hand, I was mad because I didnt get an invite. On the other hand, I'm now mad that they want me to skip out on the other party and attend the work party. Just a FYI, we were invited to the other party last weekend. The hosts of this party are friends of friends of ours and we were introduced to one another Friday night. They asked if we had any plans for this Saturday. Since I wasnt invited to the "work" function, Dad said "No plans as of yet." and they invited us for a holiday ornament exchange party. and we accepted.

In other news, in an attempt to get my finances under control, I contacted each of my credit card companies to see what options were available to me to get my outstanding debt under control. Two of the companies that I deal with recently changed billing policies and increased my minimum payment due by almost $150 combined. They also upped my APR a few points. Since I am already on a tight budget to begin with, coming up with the extra funds each month is going to be hard. I've already locked the credit cards in a file box and gave Dad the only key. I was going to cancel them, but figured I may need them for an emergency situation at some point.
If none of the companies come back with a reasonable solution, I'll have to investigate alternative solutions, including declaring bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the last resort for me. The debt that I accumulated is my responsibility 100% and I should be held accountable for it. However, I need the credit card companies to work with me on this and not penalize me for trying to take responsibility for it.
If anyone out there has filed bankruptcy or has any other solutions, I'd definitely be open to them.
Sidenote-I have contacted credit counseling services only to be told that since I have never been late with a payment that they would not assist me.

Hope ya'll are having a fun filled day
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