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TGIF [Dec. 17th, 2004|01:11 pm]
[Current Mood |slowly improving]
[Current Music |Adjectives - School House Rock]

Carpet is finally clean in the house. Last May, we used a company called Kiwi to clean the carpets in the house. Their service comes with a year warranty where they will come back for $4 a room and a $15 trip charge. So we had the living room and dining room done in preparation for the party next week.
We invited 18 people to the party, which including Dad and I makes 20. 4 people have declined already, 8 people have not viewed the invite yet, and the other 6 have said "Yes". I am sending emails to the people that have not yet viewed the invite, in case, their respective emails consider anything from Evite to be Spam.
I'm still trying to figure out what to make for the party. Right now, I'm planning on a vegetable tray with some type of dip (I may just buy some ranch dip, but I was thinking about making my own), stuffed mushrooms (probably sausage and cheese stuffing), a shrimp tray and swedish meatballs. Need to figure out a few desserts and a few more appetizers. Probably will do a meat tray as well.

Thanks to low_fat_muffin, I'm now in a better mood at work.. Listening to the SchoolHouse Rock Classics.

Earlier I was irritated that some decisions were made and no one considered how their decisions would affect the reporting. So again, I'm back to manually changing automated reports for the next few weeks. After 5 years of this, I'm used to it. My manager's non-chalant and non-caring attitude when I mentioned all this to him is what irritated me. Oh well, such is life.

Tonight, we are finally gonna put up the Christmas tree and finish working on the house, getting things ready for next weekend and the party. Dad is working late tonight and is working this weekend, so most of the responsibility for things is falling on me, but I can do it, as long as my ADD doesnt kick in.

Have a great weekend everyone.