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[Dec. 29th, 2004|02:01 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Heartbeat - lip syncing by greatbearmd]

Relatively uneventful day at work today. Only one major irritation and that was when my boss (who is on vacation this week) receives an email from a marketing guy wanting to know what percentage of our business is derived outside of the US. Of course, none of the reports that were created in the system contain this information. My boss's reply to the guy was "No Problem, Mike and John can create something for you." I replied back to him asking why we have a reports creation division in our I.T. Dept. if they arent going to create reports. His reply was that they needed the information ASAP and that there wasnt enough time to go through the red tape to get I.T. to do it. So much for my lazy work week.

Last night Dad and I headed out to our favorite Thai Restaurant only to find out that they are closed until next week. I'm praying that they did not go home to Thailand for the holiday break. We ended up heading to Pho Bistro for Vietnamese food. Watched "I Robot" when we got home, then headed to bed. Yep, I lead an exciting life lately.

Tonight, we are planning on heading down to Oaklawn for dinner, then off to the Eagle for a few drinks and cigars. Dad doesnt have to work until 3pm tomorrow and I have a short day (only working 6am-11am), so I can crash for a bit when I get home tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm just running a few reports for monthend, listening/watching a few of the videos that are linked on chrisglass's journal. some of them definitely put a smile on this cub's face. People are starting to wonder what I keep laughing at.