Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

I must say that I am enjoying the new laptop. Only one issue so far-it doesnt want to work with the dsl. after 75 minutes with verizon tech support and another 90 minutes with HP tech support, we ended up re-installing everything on the laptop. not just mine, but Dad's as well. The laptop will now recognize the connection, but every time I shut down the laptop, we have to reconfigure the IP address.
A major pain in the butt. But I'm sure I'll figure it out, or one of my friends will be nice and tell me what I am doing wrong.
On the plus side, I discovered today that my neighbor has wireless in his house. I can sit in my living room (where I'm at now) and sign online, using his wireless connection. The signal isnt the strongest, but currently I'm connected at 18 Mbps, it has gone down as low as 11 Mbps. Plus everything is running alot faster than the old computer. so I'm a happy cub.
I booked my airfare today to head home to PA for my father's retirement party in April. My mom is trying to keep it a surprise, but my father always seems to find out. and now I can take my laptop with me along with some dvds so I can keep myself occupied while I'm there. I doubt I'll be able to get online while I'm there, unless I use mom's computer. she has dialup and her ISP company sucks.
I may have to drive to Seven Springs Mt Resort while I'm there and see if they have wireless. If so, I may be able to salvage some of my sanity while I'm home.
Other than that not much going on. Dinner is cooking, Dad is still at work, hopefully leaving soon.
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