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Last night was Cigar night at the Eagle. always an interesting time. had our general meeting for the Lone Star Cigar Men. Dad and I had a few drinks, smoked our cigars, and chatted with friends. Turnout wasnt too bad last night. Had 9 guys at the meeting, which is the most we have had. think there were 15 cigar smoking men at the bar. Might have been more. we left around 10:30pm. was fun trying to get out of bed at 5am this morning to go to work.
speaking of work, stuck here all day today til at least 5pm. Meetings scheduled all afternoon. Getting ready to head home and change clothes, because the one meeting is at the corporate office, and we have to dress in business casual for meetings there. If I had known about this meeting, I would have dressed appropriately. oh well, such is life.
Moving Day is Saturday. Cant wait. found out that the pool is completed. will be good to climb into the spa Saturday night after we are done moving everything in!
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