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Tired [Feb. 23rd, 2005|07:33 am]
I had every intention of getting a good night's sleep last night. I was even in bed by 10pm. But a good night's sleep was not in the cards for me last night.
10:45pm - Sparky decided that he was too hot and decided that I too much be too hot and started licking my face. Took him out to the kitchen so he could get some water, because he wont go alone for some strange reason.
Finally was able to fall back asleep.
11:45pm - Sparky decided that he drank too much water and that he needed to go outside. After clawing my arm and licking my face repeatedly, I finally got up and took him outside. Did I mention that it was raining?
Came back inside, tried to sleep, but Sparky was still too hot, even with the ceiling fan going and the window opened.
12:30pm - I finally give up trying to get some decent sleep and moved out to the living room, crashing on the sofa. Sparky laid on the floor next to the sofa and fell right asleep.
I was in and out of sleep the rest of the night. Various things woke me up. Car door slamming outside, our weather alert radio sounding warnings (4 times I believe), my cat deciding that he wanted to lay on the sofa with me.
5:15pm - Dad is in the kitchen making coffee and comes into the living room to wake me up. OF course, he slept through everything last night.

Oh well, such is life I guess