Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

The Ten Things Meme

1. Had casts on both of my legs from age 10 weeks to 2 years old.
2. At age 16, was paid $200 to accompany a man I met at a bookstore to his church’s summer picnic. I was his nephew visiting from out of town.
3. Fell through a hole in the floor of a barn, landed on the back of a cow, blacked out, and woke up in the emergency room of a hospital
4. Waited tables at a 4-star restaurant with wad of skoal in my mouth.
5. Pointed a loaded 30/30 Winchester at a college roommate who had just beat the hell out of me because he was drunk.
6. Was told by a co-worker that my impending baldness would ruin my sister’s wedding photos. She suggested I put walnut stain on my head to cut down on the glare.
7. Owned a steam engine and took it around to various festivals when I lived in PA
8. Busted the axle on my mom’s car trying to sneak 3 friends back into a church camp that I had earlier broke them out of.
9. When I was 10, I saw a kid get electrocuted while swimming in a lake. His parents were trying to get him to come out of the water when lightening struck.
10. Spent Christmas Eve with friends swimming in my pool while the temperature was in the 20s.
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