Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Idiots on line

was chatting with a guy from NC tonight. he was looking for some no-sex, bdsm play when he visits Dallas in a few week. wanting someone to spank him. his online profile stated that he wasnt into guys under 5'10" and over 200#. He asked me my stats and I replied that I'm 5'9", 215#.
I didnt get a reply back with him, so about 15 minutes later, I replied again saying "Hey buddy. Guess I'm too big for you. No problem, have a good one!"
I get this back from him:

"damn boy, you arent the only one that I am talking to. fuk, you arent too big at all. but you have a piss-poor attitude. so fuk off queer!"

My response back was "hold on buddy. I said that it wasnt a problem and told you to have a good one. No attitude here. Obviously you are the one with the piss-poor attitude. good luck finding someone to beat that butt of yours, you are going to need it"

and with that, I blocked him from responding back

Should I have waited longer to get a response back from him after I sent him my stats? I figured that 15 min was more than enough time to respond back to me.
and he really didnt like guys who smoked cigars. so why was he chatting me up to begin with? if he would have read my profile, it has my stats and that I smoke cigars.

gotta love it. oh well.. he is someone else's issue now
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