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Friday Friday Friday

I'm so glad that it is Friday and I get to leave work at noon.
Today is the last day for one of the managers, so my boss thought it would be a good excuse to leave early.
Everyone is planning on heading to a mexican place for lunch and drinks, but I think that I'll skip outon it.
Reason #1 is that I'm broke and am refusing to use my credit cards for non-essential stuff these days.
Reason #2 is that this manager has always refused to participate in other "celebration-type" luncheons for other people.
Reason #3 is that this luncheon/party was scheduled from noon to 3pm. Turns out now that the "guest of honor" wants to be done eating and gone by 1pm and my boss brought his 8 year old kid with him so he can bolt the party early.
Reason #4 is QA needs me to change some things on my test scripts and I need to have them done today so that we can move the reports into production sometime this weekend. If not, the project is further delayed.

Not sure what Dad and I are going to do this weekend. He did mention that he will probably need to work 8-10 hours at his branch, since he's been out all week teaching the training class.
I'm heading to Hollywood Video after work today to pick up a few movies. I doubt if we go out to the Eagle tonight, but you never know what we'll do. Some alone time would definitely be good.

Sunday, my father's cousin that lives here in Texas invited me over for Easter dinner. Seems his sister and parents are coming down for a visit. I like John and his wife Evelyn, but I have nothing in common with them. I think I'd rather spend the day with my chosen family, but I also know that my parents would appreciate it if I was at least somewhat civil to my relatives.

The pool lost 1/4" of water yesterday. I called the pool guy back and he said that 1/4" in Texas is normal. I'm still concerned about the water appearing in the driveway and alley when the pump is running. Tonight I'm going to check to see if maybe to backwash valve isnt completely sealed and that its losing water there.
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