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Weekend Wrapup

Friday after work, I stopped at the video store to pick up a few movies for the weekend. This trip I picked up
1. The Incredibles
2. Finding Neverland
3. Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason
4. Dodgeball

Two of the four failed to capture my interest and I'm pretty sure I dozed off a few times. Of course it could have been the Jim Beam and cokes that I had been drinking too.

Saturday's weather was a cold rain all day. I dropped Dad off to get his hair cut and I dropped off the movies at Hollywood Video. Picked Dad up and we headed to a new cigar shop off of Plano Road and Campbell. Neither one of us was impressed with it. It is the first time that I walked into a cigar shop and the entire shop was the humidor. The one guy behind the counter said that most new cigar shops are moving in this fashion. Seems to me that it would be harder to control the humidity level with the door opening and closing all the time.

Saturday night, we decided to try a new Vietnamese place near the tollway. Food was ok, sort of bland, and was overpriced. We wont be back. Spent the rest of the night, chatting online with a few buds and more Jim Beam and Coke.

Sunday, I opted to go to my cousin's for a family gathering. His parents were in town and I have not seen them since my sister's wedding in 1997. I spent a few hours there, ate too much food, and watched my cousin Jerry throw his nephew in the pool. Surprisingly, politics didnt come up during my visit since they are avid Republicans. One thing that didnt surprise me was when I walked into the living room and everyone was watching Fox News.

After I got home, I worked on a project for work that was 2 weeks past due. Finished that up, cooked dinner and watched some television. I forgot that I had the DVR set to record something, so I missed the last 10 minutes of Carnivale. I think Dad set it up to re-record it sometime last night while we were in bed.

I'm not sure what I ate or drank this weekend, but I sure had some strange dreams.
1. I was a contestant on some show. The show was a cross between American Idol and MXC. Some how I made it to the Final 8, where 4 of us were eliminated. We were told to stand on a particular spot and based on our number of votes, the floor would open up, dropping us 30 feet into the water. After being eliminated, someone came up to me and said, "At least you finished in the top 8, you get to go on tour." I just laughed and said, "This was all a joke, I cant sing!, besides I cant go on tour" After that, I woke up.
2. I was driving a car in reverse, speeding along a highway. Next thing I know I'm watching myself drive the car over a cliff, where it lands on its roof and explodes. I walk over to the car and see my charcoaled body hanging out the side. I lay down beside my body, wrap my arms around it, and next thing I know, I find myself inside my burned body. I climb out of the car, and start walking up a hill. By the time I get to the top, there are no signs that my body had been in an accident. I'm standing by the road, and flag down a trucker. As I open the door, an alarm goes off. Turns out it was my real alarm going off.
3. There were a few other strange ones in between, but I can really remember their details. I probably should start writing them down as soon as I wake up.

and yes, the weekend did entail some other things. suffice it to say, I had a smile on my face. Some areas of my body are now a little sensitive. But it was all good
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