Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

The first weekend in April

Friday night after work, I stopped at the video store to pick up a few movies for the weekend. This weekend's selections were:

The Final Cut
Fat Albert
After the Sunset

Besides watching movies, Friday and Saturday night, Dad and I managed to do the follow this weekend:
-Take Sparky and Nero to the vet to get their annual shots. Sparky is now on a mild version of puppy prozac to try to alleviate some of his separation anxiety. Vet said to try this for 2 weeks and we'll see if we need to up the dosage. Meanwhile she is going to talk to an animal behaviorist.
-Fill 2 lawn bags with acorns that have accumulated in the front yard. And I'm only 1/2 finished
-Clean out some boxes in the room that will eventually become a play room
-Scouted around trying to get ideas for landscaping
-Worked on projects for work
-Drank heavily Sunday afternoon sitting outside on the patio
-Tested out the durability of some equipment in the play room, making sure it is still safe to play on. We didnt break anything and I'm still in one piece, so I'd say it was a successful test
-Watched Desperate Housewives
-Started watching The L Word but the alcohol starting to takes its effect and we headed to bed.

Now at work, waiting for the day to come to an end so I can go home
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