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Maybe I should go take pictures

of the nuts and freaks that will be heading to Ft. Worth this weekend

Faithful see Jesus in apartment window
10:29 AM CDT on Friday, May 27, 2005


FORT WORTH – Faith can move mountains and make the crippled walk, according to Elvira Garcia, who said she was healed when she saw the image of Jesus Christ in an apartment window.

Early Thursday, Ms. Garcia took flowers and a candle to honor the image at the Fossil Ridge Apartments in northeast Fort Worth.

Socorro Duron uses her hand to trace the outline of the stain. "I came here hobbling, and look how I am now: I can raise my leg," she said. "It's a miracle. Now that I see God's image, I am strong."

Clara Martinez, 43, said she noticed the image Wednesday afternoon as she took care of her grandchildren in the apartment.

"There were colors in the window. I went out and saw the face," she said.

Her neighbors gathered outside to see it, bringing candles, flowers and pictures of the Virgin of Guadalupe. One man came with an ultrasound scan of his ill wife.

The Rev. Esteban Jasso of All Saints Catholic Church in Fort Worth said he saw a colorful figure but not the face of Jesus.

"There are several ways to interpret this; there are people who see what we don't," the priest said. He said that expressions of faith are respected by the church, and that if people bring flowers and pray to the image, that's fine with him.

There is a rainbow in the widow that is Jesus' hair, according to those who see the image. They say his face is in the glass itself.

"The image is very clear. At first I didn't see it; I was looking for the virgin. And now that I look at it, it looks very good," said Norma Quiroz, who was driving by Thursday and stopped when she saw a crowd.

Father Jasso said that while he respects people's beliefs, he's concerned that someone will start asking for donations or otherwise try to exploit people's faith.

"I don't think the Fort Worth Diocese will do anything until this really causes a massive crowd to gather," he said.

A priest with the National Catholic Church of Mexico, a church that is not governed by the Fort Worth Diocese, said the image is a miracle and can be seen very clearly.

"I will bring two bishops from Mexico to see the image, and then we'll take proof to Rome," said the Rev. John Parnell of St. Augustine Church of Fort Worth.

He scheduled a Mass at the foot of the image.

Honestly, though, I feel sorry for these people. This will consume the lives of these people for the next several days, weeks or months to come. Things in this country must really be bad for people to get some sort of hope from an image on a window. To me, it looks like water and oil mixed on the window.

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