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Lunchtime Conversations

Rarely do I head out to lunch with my co-workers. #1 Reason is that they always seem to be gone more than 90 minutes, sometimes closer to 2 hours. I would rather take 30 minutes, eat my lunch and get out of work at a decent time. #2 Reason is that I usually can't afford to go to the places that they go to for lunch.

Yesterday, I decided to splurge and head to lunch with them.
Somehow we got on the conversation of tattoos and then someone mentioned piercings. My boss looked at me and said, "Mike, you have your nipple pierced, right?" I said, "Yep, I sure do". Then the questions started pouring in, "Did it hurt?", "How long did it take to heal?", etc.
My boss then mention something about PAs and said that he could never get one and "could you imagine the pain?" Without thinking, I said, "Actually, I think the nipple piercing hurt worse than the PA."
Cue - silence and blank stares from my co-workers.
I wish I had a camera to capture the look on their faces because it was priceless.
I'm sure I was the topic of conversation after I left work yesterday.

Other than that, not much else has been going on. Dad's replacement started working at the branch on Monday. Dad will be training him for the next few weeks before he starts his official position as Regional Trainer. Lucky for him, the company decided to start paying him his new wage on the 13th of this month.
We talked the other night and I told him I really didnt like the idea that he was going to be gone 60% of the time. He corrected me and told me that it was 80% of the time. I just let out a big groan. Dad asked me if I was ok with it. I told him that his happiness meant more to me than anything and that I would just have to learn to adjust to it. It is not like he will be gone all the time. He will be home on weekends and 3 of the districts that he will oversee are here in the Dallas area. And if he does have to stay more than 1 week at a location, he would know that well in advance and he could fly me there for the weekend.

My manager informed me yesterday that he was offered the position at the company he interview with last week. He hasnt decided if he is going to take it or not. He said that although the money is relatively the same and the company is minutes from his house, it would actually be a step down for him career-wise. We chatted for a bit about it and I mentioned to him that I saw 2 positions with that company that I would be interested in. He said that if he decided not to take the job, that he would call the people he interviewed with and put in a good word for me.
So, we shall see, I guess.

So thats all that has been going on in my life lately. Dad and I decided to try to lose some weight before DELTA and INFERNO this year. Right now, we are just working on getting rid of all the junk/carb-loaded foods that we have around the house. Figured we would try South Beach this time, since Atkins put Dad in the hospital for 2 weeks the last time we did it. I've got to find my gym membership card and see if it is still active. Planned start date is July 5th.
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