Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Mistakes are costly

In my case, it was only a $35 overdraft fee, but it still irritated me.
This month I scheduled 2 online payments for Verizon. One through their website and another through mycheckfree.com
I thought I had cancelled the one through mycheckfree, but I didnt. So they attempted to withdrawal funds from my account. Of course I didnt have enough in my account so the bank refused it and charged me $35.
I called mycheckfree to see if they will keep attempting to withdraw money from my account. After a 30 minute conversation, the final response was "Sir, I'm sorry. That is already in process and we cannot stop it now" and of course, I dont get paid until next Friday.
Luckily Dad has enough in his checking account to give me a $100 to deposit, so that when they attempt to withdraw the funds, I actually have funds in my account.
I hate making these kinds of mistakes. Of course, now I have $6.32 to my name until next Friday.

Oh well, live and learn
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