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Recent Events

- Representatives from the Blackstone Group had a townhall meeting yesterday at Corporate to discuss the acquisition of our company. Mostly a lot of "We don't know yet answers" to questions from employees

- Dad is working on his travel schedule for work. They want him to visit each of his districts at least once a month. His districts include Houston, Austin/San Antonio, Dallas, Ft Worth, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Alburqueque, Northern Colorado, Southern Colorado. When they told him it would be 80% travel, they werent kidding.

- I'm trying to get an appointment with my doctor so that I can get something to try to help me get through these level Red Ozone days. I may just bypass him and see a specialist though. Breathing normally is becoming too much of a chore these days. Plus, what good is having a pool in the back yard, if you start having breathing problems as soon as you walk out the door? Symptoms only get worse once I get to the office. Working next to one of the busiest airports in the country sucks.

- Dad and I went out to dinner last night to Thai-rrific with a CHC brother of ours who was in town on business. It was good to sit and catch up with Roger as it has been a while since we have seen one another. As we were leaving, a group of guys walked in to the restaurant. Thought I recognized a few from on here, but wasnt sure. Nodded and said "Hi" and left to go home

- Today is my Friday. Dad and I are heading to Houston for Pride weekend. Tomorrow night Discipline Corps is having a joint bar night at the Ripcord with the Misfits. It should be a fun filled weekend.
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