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My holiday weekend - in short [Jul. 5th, 2005|08:08 pm]
Friday - After work, Dad picked up some movies. Watched "The Jacket", "Coach Carter", "Hostage"
Saturday - Did some work around the house. Played poker at a buddy's house. Only lost $1.85 this time. Dad came out ahead, think it was only $0.50
Sunday - More house work. Went to Kaboomtown to see fireworks. Oooh, Aaahhh. ACtually this year, instead of 99.5 The Wolf (Country), they went with 100.3 Jack FM. better than last year
Monday - Lunch with Dad. Dropped him off at the airport. He is in Chicago for the week observing training classes for FedExKinkos so that he can incorporate the same type of classes in his region.

Today - Lousy day at work. Outside internet access eliminated. Seems with the announced sale of the company, people have been looking for jobs instead of working.

and thats my weekend in a nutshell folks

From: ours_garou
2005-07-06 01:42 pm (UTC)
Lousy day at work. Outside internet access eliminated.

I'm always amused by employers who think this will work, rather than accelerate the departure rate and further destroy morale.

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