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WHAT A WEEK [Dec. 16th, 2003|03:27 pm]
actually i guess its been more than a week since my last post.

Sunday Dec. 7, I receive a call from my sister telling me that my 90-year old grandfather passed away. Seems he was admitted to the hospital the Friday before. My sister took my niece into see him on Sunday and he sat in his bed and played with her. After they left, he went to sleep and never woke up. I guess if you are going to leave this world, thats how I would want to go too.

He was an amazing man. 90 years old and still sharp as a tack. his hearing was the only thing that seemed to be giving him trouble. I'm glad he got the opportunity to come to Texas in October to see my new house and to meet Dad. Everyone at the funeral said that he couldnt stop talking about his trip.

I left Dallas on Tuesday to fly to Pittsburgh so I could drive to Johnstown for the viewings and funeral. Luckily my work gave me 5 paid days off, so I didnt have to rush to come back. Spent the week with my family and visited some old friends from Seven Springs Mt Resort. Saturday night, I stayed in Pittsburgh near the airport. (8am flight and forecast calling for overnight snowstorm)
Went out to Leather Central and had a few beers. got bored and headed off to the Eagle. Met a few people there, chatted and had a few more beers. got back to the hotel at around 2am only to get up at 6am.

The Eagle was ok. not how I remembered it. Its not your typical leather bar. 4 floors of various entertainment await you. 1st floor is your basic bar area. Hung out there and chatted with a few people. 2nd floor is the dance floor. dont much care for dancing here, so I didnt even stop on that floor. 3rd floor is like the first only with a big screen tv that shows music videos. Hung out there for a while. 4th floor is a stage area with drag shows on the weekend. didnt stop there either.

Came back to Dallas, sicker than a dog. I'll blame that on my father who told me I would catch a cold because I wasnt wearing a hat the other day.
Had monday off work and did some things around the house. checked my work email which was a mistake that put me in a mood for the rest of the evening. Cooked dinnner for Dad, cleaned up and went to bed.

Now at work, which was irritating at first. I still had 100+ emails to sort through. plus a report that I do monthly got screwed up because I wasnt here to do it. gotta love it

anyways, I'm off to take a survey for american airlines and their website. I get 10,000 miles for completing it. hell, thats half a ticket almost. should push me over the mileage needed for 2 RT tickets to Europe. might even have enough for business or first class soon