Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

In other news....

I was able to schedule some paid time off over the holidays to visit my family in PA. I'll only be home for a few days, but at least I'll be home. Bill is heading to Minnesota to spend the holidays with him mom, her partner, and grandmother. He leaves Dec 22 and is back on Jan 2.
Since I am broke, I am using AA miles to get home. I tried to get into Pittsburgh since it is only 2 hours from my parents place, but they didnt have any direct flights, only connecting flights in Chicago and it was 50,000 miles for coach seats.
I looked into other cities within a 5 hour drive from my parents place. Cleveland was the same flight plan as Pittsburgh. 50K miles, connecting in Chicago. Columbus, I could get a direct flight for 45K miles and first class, but it is a 5 hour drive to my parents house.
I ended up settling for Baltimore. Used 45,000 miles, got First class to/from Baltimore. Drive time is 3.5 hours.

I leave Dallas on Dec 22nd, and return on the 26th
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